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There are just some questions we get asked all the time. Check the list below to see if we’ve already answered yours. If not, feel free to contact us and we just might add your question and answer to the list.

About Flat Fee MLS Listings

What Is the Difference between a Full Service Listing and a Flat Fee Listing?

A traditional full service MLS listing typically comes with an agreement barring you from selling your home as FSBO for a period of 6-12 months. You also usually owe a 5% commission that is shared between the listing agent and the selling agent.

On a flat fee MLS listing, there’s no listing commission, and you can list your home FSBO. The flat fee you pay is primarily a marketing fee that gets your property listed on the MLS, Realtor.com, and a number of public websites. That flat fee is your only cost. Please note that you may be required to pay a commission to the buyer agent for bringing you a qualified buyer. You can choose how much to offer a buyer agent in your listing, but the most common selection to attract agents and their buyers is usually 2.5% of the final sales price.

Which Types of Properties Can Be Listed on the MLS through Chicago Seller Agents

At the moment, we only offer this service for single family homes, condos, and townhomes for sale.

Do I Actually Need the MLS and Realtors in Order to Sell A House?

The short answer is no. However, even if you list FSBO, you should at least consider having your home as an MLS Listing. Statistics have shown that over 94% of homes sold last year used both the MLS and Realtor.com for advertising. It’s likely to be a huge help in selling your home.

Can I Place a For Sale by Owner Sign on My Property?

Yes, but we recommend that you use our sign. It is an “AGENTS WELCOME” sign that informs real estate agents that you are currently listed on the MLS and are willing to offer a commission to buyer’s agents. Those agents who see the sign are likely to search for your listing on the MLS to get more information.

How Long Is My Property Going to Be Listed on the MLS?

This depends on which option you select, but normally it will be listed at least six months or until it sells. If you are under contract through the MLS and a buyer’s agent is due a commission, you cannot cancel your listing.

What Are the Payment Options?

We accept credit card payments through our secure website (all major credit cards).

About The Listing Process

How Many Photos Can I Submit?

Up to 20 depending on the plan you select. 

How do I value my home?

Pricing your home to sell is an art more than a science. The real estate market ebbs and flows as time goes by. Start by talking to neighbors in your area to see what they paid for their home or sold their home for.

There are also a ton of websites that will help you value your home such as Zillow’s Estimate tool. If you select the Gold Plan, we will help you price your home using years of experience as local realtors and more sophisticated tools.

The listing requires that I include the school district my property is located in, how do I find this information?

Click here to look up your school district. (This link will take you away from the Chicago Seller Agents website)

The listing requires that I include the Parcel Identification Number (PIN) for my property, where do I find this?

The PIN number for each property is the number used by each Illinois county to assess property taxes. To find this number, view your property tax bill or consult the website for your county treasurer for lookup tools.

In Cook County, you may find your PIN number here.

How Do I Make Changes To My Listing, and How Many Changes Can I Make?

For a small fee, you can make as many changes as you’d like, including photo changes. You will log in with your own personal code for security purposes, so only you may amend your listing.

Simply request changes through your account on our website, where the changes made will be forwarded to your broker and recorded in your secure file.  We charge a small fee to cover the administrative costs especially for sellers who make changes often.

How Will Realtors Contact Me? Will My Contact Information be Displayed on Realtor.com and other websites?

Yes, realtors acting as buyer agents will contact you directly for showing requests.  Your contact information will be displayed on the MLS listing in the Broker Remarks area.

However, your contact information will not be displayed on Realtor.com and other websites that can be viewed by the public. This rule is strictly enforced by the National Association of Realtors so that you cannot be contacted by unlicensed individuals.  We will forward any leads we receive to your email on file.

How Long Does It Take before My MLS Listing Is Active on the MLS And Realtor.Com?

Typically, you can expect it to be posted on the MLS within 24-48 hours.  We will contact you if we have additional questions regarding the listing, so make sure to check your email often so there are no delays to your listing.

Which Public Websites Will Advertise My Listing?

All of the top real estate search engines including:

What Are the Payment Options?

We accept credit card payments through our secure website (all major credit cards).