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The Best Value

This listing is perfect for those who want to save on agent commissions, but also want support from an experienced real estate broker.

List Your Property Until it Sells!

See your home listed on the MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, The Home Buyer Agents, Yahoo Real Estate, Realtor.com and more!

Showcase Your Home with up to 20 Photos

In order to list your home with us under any plan, you must provide us with at least one primary photo of the front exterior of the property.  A photo displaying just the front door is unacceptable.

No graphics or logos are allowed in the photos. No text is allowed on the photos. No people may be visible in the photos. No for sale signs may be visible/readable in the photos. Optimum size for all photos is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. Keep in mind that if photo is larger than that, the system will automatically reformat your photo proportionately to fit into the 1920×1080 window. Photos with pixels smaller than 1920×1080 will be resized to 640×480. The system will not increase a smaller photo to make it 640×480 pixels.

Get Assistance for Potential Buyers

We can assist any interested buyer with a quick mortgage pre-qualification free of charge! This will let you focus your attention on serious offers only and save you time.

Broker Review Via Email

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We will have a real estate professional review your forms and notify you if any corrections are necessary. You can rest easy knowing all of your documentation is in order.

FREE Consumer Market Report

Get a free consumer market report so you know that you’re getting a fair deal. We’ll let you know how much similar homes in your area have sold for, how long they took to sell, and more.

Assistance from an Experienced Real Estate Broker

Get help reviewing your offers, negotiating the price of your property, and making good counter offers. You will have access to a real estate professional who can answer all of your questions, and help you make wise decisions based on our expertise of the Chicagoland market.

Get Started with Our Top Tier Gold Listing!

First you will need to create an account and enter your property details. If you need to revise your listing, simply log into your account. You may save and edit your listing as much as you’d like before publishing it. Once your listing has been published, can edit it any time at no cost. Simply choose the publish edits button below so that we know your edits are ready to go. You may cancel your gold listing anytime at no cost. Please allow up to 48 hours for all listing, edits, and cancellations to be reflected on the MLS and other real estate listing sites.